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In 2011 we asked Krieen for a new logo and packaging design. But they went way further and developed the whole positioning for our brand Galenicum, along with the tagline “Believe in life”. Krieen has been working with us for almost a decade bringing our brand positioning to life by creating more than 4.000 projects and materials for more than 40 countries, including online and offline communication, advertising, video, packaging and event materials among others.
Krieen always surprises us with out-of-the-box strategic thinking and great creative ideas. They are extremely passionate about what they do and their proactive attitude is very valuable, especially for long-term partnerships. They are really helping us building a unique brand in the pharma industry.

erich jw büchen
Ceo at galenicum health

krieen helped us communicate what makes us truly different from any other supermarket: the absolute traceability of our products, as well as its quality and taste. they repositioned our brand creating our new name ametllerorigen with a strategy based on origin and health and they defined the new corporate identity of the group. implementing a new brand in a unique grocery chain with over hundred stores and thousands of products was a huge challenge. but we fell in love with krieen’s proposal and today ametllerorigen is the benchmark for healthy and local food in catalonia.

they are real creative enthusiasts and i really value their ability to go beyond briefs, always surprising us with bold ideas. beyond the brand “ametllerorigen”, krieen also created sub-brands for our products, such as our pioneering yogurt “yoligur” or our soft drink “lemon&roll”, two classics in our stores. they also helped us create comms materials, always following the strategy they established at the beginning of our partnership.

josep ametller
ceo at ametllerorigen

We were about to launch a pioneering digital project with a number of different stakeholders, including big FMCG brands. We needed a solid and creative brand and product story, along with an outstanding sales presentation and explainer video to convince influential C-level executives

I found their proactive attitude and their speed impressive. They always went beyond the brief and delivered within tight deadlines, two very valuable assets before a product launch. I really value their highly strategic approach, thorough thinking, their top-quality work and how they always surprised us with creativity!!

fabienne le tadic
President & General Manager Europe at Evrythng

When we started working with Krieen, our cosmeceuticals company was facing important growth. It was clear to us that building a brand with a relevant value proposition was key to connect with our target, especially in a rather cold scientific industry ruled by traditional beauty canons.

Krieen gave an amazing soul to our brand, perfectly combining the scientific background of our business with an emotional brand story for our cosmeceuticals. Their tagline “Believe in yourself” quickly resonated amongst our target because it clearly went beyond the classic beauty canons. Working with Krieen was an absolute pleasure, their team is agile and extremely motivated, and they always find a creative solution to any challenge.

sabina giovannini
Chief marketing officer at pbserum

Krieen has been partnering with us since the very beginning. We had just started a promising phytosanitary business and urgently needed a name, a brand and a clear view of how to communicate with all our stakeholders. As a young and innovative company that wants to do things differently, we needed a brand that captured our uniqueness.

I love the enthusiasm and energy of the team. They came up with the name Protekting, along with all other brand elements. We immediately felt that their idea expressed our business. Since then they have been supporting us in terms of marketing and communication and 7 years later Protekting keeps growing!

enric cendra
Co-founder and managing director at protekting

We wanted to create a meaningful brand in the veterinary industry and align all our marketing actions. The challenge was finding a brand essence that would be valuable both for our b2b customers (veterinarians) and the end clients, the pet owners.

Krieen completely understood our business and market challenges and developed a strong brand positioning and tagline that really reflect the purpose of what we do. They also created a fantastic explainer video, sales materials and digital content, always showing great proactivity!

bruno genové
Sales & Marketing Director at vetilea

The collaboration with Krieen focused on translating a complex, innovative technical concept into a clear, engaging story for decision-makers in large companies – and to do so as succinctly as possible. As this was a totally new product concept, Krieen was also given the challenge of co-defining its brand essence. The deliverables were a multimedia media presentation, including  a short video bringing to life the benefits for both brand owners and end consumers.

In addition to the technical complexity of the concept, we had to execute the project in a very short time frame. Krieen responded with creativity, flexibility and perseverance – without losing sight of the audience’s (and client’s) needs. The team quickly got to the heart of the product concept and its benefits for customers and end-users. The result was a clear definition of the brand essence, an engaging brand story, as well as a creative execution on both video and presentation on the benefits of the concept.

julian liew
Senior communications manager at SICPA

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Krieen a number of times. Once we reached out to them to solve a strategic branding challenge in an important SaaS project. They had to turn a pioneering digital idea (which was hard to explain) into an understandable and engaging story.

Krieen quickly understood what the digital product was about and built a solid brand umbrella around it. They perfectly defined the brand essence and created valuable sales materials, as well as an explainer video. Having them as creative partners throughout the whole project was key to achieve our goals, specially due to their proactive attitude!!

pau garcia-milà
co-founder at ideafoster

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