jürgen krieger, founder of krieen: 30 years of experience creating successful national and international advertising campaigns

jürgen krieger founded krieen in 2011, pursuing his dream of creating communication according to his way of understanding successful brand building. this constituted a holistic, long-term and multimedia communication developed from working with world-renowned brands as an executive creative director in major advertising agencies and networks.

throughout his career, he created award-winning campaigns for sony, estrella damm, pilot, nokia, volkswagen, ambi pur, fairy, pastas rana, torres, california walnuts among many others. as executive creative director he turned grey spain into the 3rd most awarded spanish agency.

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at krieen he has been leading brands such as the international pharmaceutical company galenicum, the world-renowned home fragrances ambipur, the retailer ametllerorigen and the leading spanish sleep aid dormidina among others.

amongst his most recognized strenghts is the ability to visualize complex ideas in a simple but yet powerful way due to his strong strategic approach on branding and creativity. here are some of his most succesful case studies.

success stories

pilot handwriting: rising pilot’s brand awareness with 0 media investment

a web application gave people the chance to create their very own digital handwriting and send the world’s first-ever handwritten emails. thus, people recovered a part of their identity that they had lost online. the campaign reached 2.380.000 web visits in 12 months with 0 media investment.

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3volution & newton’s cradle: ambi pur’s biggest sales success ever

in 2006 ambipur launched “3volution”, a pioneering air freshener that renews the freshness by automatically changing the fragrance every 45 minutes. this new product was difficult for people to understand, but the “newton’s cradle” key visual easily conveyed how the product works, turning this campaign into the impulse for ambi pur’s biggest sales success ever.

today, 15 years later, and after changing hands from sara lee to procter & gamble, ambi pur keeps using this idea for their international media campaigns, demonstrating the long-lasting potential of this simple but powerful concept.

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sony walkman: positioning sony as a trendsetter in technology

this print and outdoor campaign was a sales success for sony’s walkman and had a major impact on the perception of sony’s brand as a pioneer in entertainment technology.

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