ametllerorigen: a thorough rethinking of a brand’s communication strategy and name, tackling the main challenges of the food industry

maintaining consumers’ loyalty and trust is a major concern for the food industry, considering consumers’ demands in terms of traceability and healthy products. being truly transparent when talking about the origin of food and helping consumers eat healthier are the cornerstones we defined as ametllerorigen’s brand essence, which is now helping them grow their brand in a consistent and sustainable way in nearly 100 stores.


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renaming: making transparency part of the brand

ametllerorigen’s main differential has always been uniting agricultural production, food preparation and trade under one roof. based on this huge potential, we renamed the grocery store to “ametllerorigen”, thus making the concept “origin” an intrinsic part of the brand rather than adding a tagline. as a key visual, we designed an almond tree with uncovered roots, representing the traceability of all products.

josep ametller · ceo at galenicum healthceo at ametllerorigen

they repositioned our brand creating our new name ametllerorigen with a strategy based on origin and health and they defined the new corporate identity of the group. implementing a new brand in a unique grocery chain with over hundred stores and thousands of products was a huge challenge. but we fell in love with krieen’s proposal and today ametllerorigen is the benchmark for healthy and local food in catalonia.

packaging concept

food with origin: products that tell the truth

we recommended that the origin of the food should be stated on every single product in the store. for this reason, all products by ametllerorigen clearly explain where the food comes from and where it was produced. this makes clear to consumers that ametllerorigen guarantees transparency as well as that their products can be trusted and are healthy because you know exactly what you eat.

product classification · packaging concept

the healthy shopping cart: colours that help you eat healthier

supermarkets usually classify their products by the product’s type of processing or if it is fresh, packed or frozen. we created “the healthy shopping cart”, an innovative classification system which divided ametllerorigen’s products into 10 categories strictly following health-driven reasons. and we gave each category an intuitive colour. thereby, we convey that the more colours you have in your shopping cart, the more variation in your eating habits; a healthy diet starts in the grocery store.

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stores that tell you everything about its food

ametllerorigen’s new brand essence, name and corporate identity are being applied in nearly 100 stores around catalonia. we developed a number of point of sale materials which gave in-depth information to clients about the product’s origins and nutritional values, as well as how they are produced and even who harvested them.

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