yoligur: protecting an invention with a brand

in 2015, ametllerorigen launches a revolutionary yogurt that is as creamy as a greek yogurt but much healthier because it replaces animal fat with vegetable fat: olive oil. we created a brand that clearly took ownership of this new product to protect it from potential future competitors.

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explaining a new product in its name

since this yogurt was brand-new among dairy products, we created both a name, logotype and a key visual that quickly conveyed what the main innovation was: a yogurt with olive oil. the name “yoligur” is the result of combining “olive” and “yogurt”; the key visual is a traditional oil cruet filled with yogurt instead of olive oil.

josep ametller · ceo at ametllerorigen

they are real creative enthusiasts and i really value their ability to go beyond briefs, always surprising us with bold ideas. beyond the brand “ametllerorigen”, krieen also created sub-brands for our products, such as our pioneering yogurt “yoligur” or our soft drink “lemon&roll”, two classics in our stores.

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launching campaign: olive oil in a yogurt? try it!

one of the challenges of launching yoligur was the olive oil, an ingredient that was unfamiliar for consumers in dairy products and made them sceptical. the truth is that the olive oil is not even perceptible and yoligur has a superior taste. therefore, we recommended giving away free samples to as many people as possible, starting in ametllerorigen’s own stores. we also created ads for the press that included coupons to get free yoligur samples.

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