wineissocial: making wine easy to understand

for someone who just enjoys drinking wine, the enormous world around it can seem extremely complex. wineissocial, an online wine community and shop, proves this wrong by making it surprisingly easy to talk and learn about wine. we created a number of communication materials to explain and create awareness on this innovative wine philosophy.

video · digital

fall in love with wine just like you fall in love with music

no one ever questions how easy it is to enjoy music. everyone just does. so why should enjoying wine be more difficult? based on this idea, we created a captivating video that makes you fall in love with wine in the same way you fall in love with music.

manifesto · creativity & production · copywriting · packaging

wineissocial’s manifesto: make the magical world of wine accessible to everyone

in order to reflect wineissocial’s philosophy on a single place, we combined all its ideas on a giant manifesto. this visual included statements such as: “wine is for everyone, “knowing about wine doesn’t have to be difficult”, “expensive wine is not necessarily the best” or “the more you understand wine, the more you enjoy it”. we applied this manifesto on wineissocial’s winexperience box among others.

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