More than a wine e-commerce: A communication idea for Wine Is Social that helps clients find “your better half”

Wine Is Social launched its brand new e-commerce, a redesign that strengthens the companies’ unique values and improves customer experience.

We have been in charge of developing a communication idea for the homepage that captures their mission of “creating wine love” and serves as a surprising first impact on their e-commerce.

Communication idea · launch · digital

Bringing alive Wine Is Social’s mission

For non-experts (so, most of us) picking the right bottle of wine can be very hard. Wineissocial was born with the mission to make it easier for people to find wines they love.

Based on this idea, we created a visual showcasing dozens of half grapes of different varieties under the headline: “There are 326.954 different wines in the world. Find your better half, winelover”.

Website · digital · customer experience

Wineissocial’s new e-commerce makes it easier than ever to find wines you love, through new and improved features, which we represented on 4 different call-to-action banners based on the same communication idea.

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