stop&go nutritional supplements: a brand specifically designed to be remembered and understood in an extremely crowded global market

the nutritional supplement industry is fraught with harsh competition, which leads to an endlessly growing variety of similar products. a meaningful brand story, a didactic name, a fresh visual identity and product-focused communication materials are helping stop&go create consistent brand awareness when entering markets such as spain as well as arabian and latin american countries.

print ad · creative · image creation

stunning visuals: when the package becomes the very print ad

we created a series of print ads that clearly showcase the benefit of each nutritional supplement through the very package, which is always the star in stop&go’s communication materials. for example, a surfer rides a wave through a collagen can.


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food supplements under the brand stop&go

erich jw büchen · ceo at galenicum health

krieen always surprises us with out-of-the-box strategic thinking and great creative ideas. they are extremely passionate about what they do and their proactive attitude is very valuable, especially for long-term partnerships.

positioning · naming · logo · corporate identity · communication code

a brand that understands our modern lives

we are in constant motion. however, sometimes obstacles stop our everyday life, such as a cough, insomnia or high cholesterol levels. the brand stop&go represents these little hurdles and how to overcome them: by keep going with nutritional supplements. the fresh and young design makes stop&go stand out among a huge range of competitors.

product classification · packaging

a package which is worth a thousand words

on the packaging, stop&go’s logotype changes its icons depending on the product, thereby helping to easily grasp what the product is for. we also added an intuitive colour to each therapeutic area, making it easier for consumers to identify which area a product belongs to. “stop&go cholesterol” is red for instance, because it is related to the cardiovascular system.

the same classification system has been deployed for galenicum’s medicines, thus creating a consistent imagery within the same business group.

content · social media · digital · print materials

product-focused but appealing content

creating product-focused but appealing social media content is the key to raise stop&go’s digital brand awareness.

content · video · social media · digital · creative & production

audio-visual content: making nutritional supplements appealing

a video of an ordinary cyclist riding his bike with an end that is nothing but ordinary. we both created and produced this video for stop&go collagen+.

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