Founderz: Launching campaign for the first decentralized business school in the metaverse

Founderz is the first digital business school based on the model of decentralized education in the metaverse. Its programmes include the MBE (Master in Business & Entrepreneurship) in which they collaborate with CaixaBank, and the Master in Blockchain and Business co-created with Binance.

We have been in charge of defining the brand’s essence and creating the launching campaign for the school. The brand tagline “Freedom is learned” and the video we have created is an ode to learning and an invitation to think. We go beyond concepts traditionally linked to university education such as "future", "success" or "career" to claim the real purpose of education: helping people to be free.

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Freedom is learned: The real purpose of education

The launching video for Founderz shows moments in our lives when we become freer: learning to walk, starting our own business or daring to express our opinion. Different ways of being free, all of which start with learning. “Freedom is learned” wraps this message up and serves as a bold statement that goes beyond short-term benefits of other online business schools. It aims to connects with students of all ages and backgrounds to join Founderz’ highly diverse community in the metaverse.

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