pilothandwriting, cyber campaign

2.380.000 visits in 12 months with 0 media investment

gold cannes cyber, silver cannes cyber

pilot frixion, cinema commercial

communication arts, gold medal laus, adforum top five, lürzer’s archive

the pilot light campaign, integrated

gold liaa tv commercial, gold epica tv commercial, gold epica outdoor, silver liaa tv commercial sfx, silver wpa “shutter”, silver new york festivals tv, silver new york festivals tv sfx, silver eurobest outdoor, bronze clio cinema tv sfx, bronze wpa “lighthouse”, winner grey emea awards tv, finalist cannes tv commercial, finalist cannes “lighthouse” press, finalist cannes “flash” press, finalist clio outdoor, finalist grand prix shots tv, finalist grand prix shots press, finalist liaa tv computer animation, finalist wpa press campaign, finalist new york festivals press, finalist el sol tv commercial, finalist el sol press, finalist fiap tv commercial, finalist fiap tv low budget, finalist fiap magazines, finalist fiap outdoor, adforum top five tv commercial, lürzer’s in the book press

the pilot light campaign, cinema commercial

the pilot light campaign, print

the pilot light campaign, outdoor

california walnuts, integrated campaign

nearly one million people took the health test

the perception that walnuts are good for one’s health increased by 19%

jürgen krieger in comràdio

jürgen krieger interviewed by pau garcía-milà and jordi collell in ’empenta’ of comràdio on october 15, 2011

pilot waterresistant, print ad

press grand prix in the london international advertising awards

(the only one ever achieved by a spanish agency)

ambipur, international campaign

biggest sales success in ambipur’s history