protekting: a sustainable vision of the phytosanitary industry

for a phytosanitary company, thinking and acting in a sustainable way means considering the effect of its actions at all levels. this is because everything around us is connected: the earth, plants, animals and humans. this is the brand approach krieen defined for this young and innovative phytosanitary company with the ambition to do things differently, including the development of ecological phytosanitary products.

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protecting crops, protecting health

the main benefit of phytosanitary products is crop protection, mainly by fighting harmful organisms. however, its purpose is also to protect people’s health by ensuring that these products are safe and less damaging to the environment. we wanted to reflect both sides by creating the name “protekting”, which is written in present participle to highlight the active involvement of the company in the development of sustainable phytosanitary solutions.

the logo and key visual also convey protection, maintaining the concept of “transparency” as a core value of the company.

“krieen has been partnering with us since the very beginning. we had just started a promising phytosanitary business and urgently needed a name, a brand and a clear view of how to communicate with all our stakeholders. as a young and innovative company that wants to do things differently, we needed a brand that captured our uniqueness.

i love the enthusiasm and energy of the team. they came up with the name protekting, along with all other brand elements. we immediately felt that their idea expressed our business. since then they have been supporting us in terms of marketing and communication and 7 years later protekting keeps growing!”

enric cendra
co-founder and managing director at protekting