öpso: europe-wide launching campaign of pioneering home fragrances

blue sun launched öpso, the first air freshener made from natural tree resin. to give greater strength to this innovative formulation, we based the communication umbrella concept on the origin of the fragrance. this concept unites both the natural provenance of the resin, the mediterranean pine trees, and the provenance of the fragrance range which is inspired by the most majestic forests in the world. ultimately if you know the background and formulation of a natural and fresh home fragrance, you will enjoy it even more.

materials created

different languages

countries launched

communication code · key visual · print materials · presenter box

the öpso key visual: the whole fragrance story in a single picture

also based on the idea of “provenance”, we created a key visual that explains the whole fragrance story from the naturally released resin drop to the fragrance released at home that fills the air with delicate scent notes. we created a number of communication materials in 7 languages for over 10 countries based on this key visual.

video · digital

an impressive fragrance journey brings us from the origin of öpso’s home fragrances through the world’s most amazing forests to the fresh and joyful atmosphere at home.

distributor materials · presenter box

a presenter box “wrapped in a forest”

to present the new products to important distributors we created high-quality cases that contained products and sambles with beautiful forest imagery that brought the new fragrance concept to life.