believe in life galenicum: a 9-year collaboration of consistent brand construction based on a single brand idea implemented on thousands of communication materials within more than 30 countries

the pharmaceutical industry is a key market for helping patients to overcome disease. however, in the case of serious pathologies, there is another major component often overlooked in the sector – a patient’s belief that they can overcome disease. this constitutes the key tenant of Galenicum’s brand essence that we defined.

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positioning · tagline · corporate identity · communication code

an outstanding positioning and communication code in the pharmaceutical industry

the brand tagline “believe in life” is a manifesto to the human spirit of overcoming, both for the patient’s personal recovery and the effort of Galenicum’s team to develop the best possible treatments. we translated this positioning into a logotype inspired by the sunrise, representing hope, and a visual identity ruled by warm colours. its handwritten headlines give all communication materials a ‘human’ look and feel, which stands out from the common cold and aseptic visual treatment in the pharmaceutical industry.

“in 2011 we asked krieen for a new logo and packaging design. but they went way further and developed the whole positioning for our brand galenicum, along with the tagline “believe in life”. krieen has been working with us for almost a decade bringing our brand positioning to life by creating more than 4.000 projects and materials for more than 40 countries, including online and offline communication, advertising, video, packaging and event materials among others.

krieen always surprises us with out-of-the-box strategic thinking and great creative ideas. they are extremely passionate about what they do and their proactive attitude is very valuable, especially for long-term partnerships. they are really helping us building a unique brand in the pharma industry.”

erich jw büchen
ceo at galenicum health

video · digital

a moving story which brings galenicum’s brand essence to life

a boy whose mother has breast cancer helps his family move forward, demonstrating the importance of keeping hope always alive.

naming · corporate identity · packaging · key visual 

vitae: a medicine brand inspired by life

we created the name ‘vitae’ meaning ‘life’ in latin, for galenicum’s bioequivalent medicines, introducing its brand essence on the product itself too. besides we developed a packaging design inspired by the shape of sunrise, which represents the start of a new day and the overcoming of disease. thus, both name and packaging contribute to a consistent brand identity based on the “spirit of overcoming”.

product classification · packaging

galenicum’s therapeutical area classification system: intuitive colours make medicines easier to identify

inspired by leonardo da vinci’s “vitruvian man”, we made the atc drug classification system defined by the world health organisation much more visually appealing and easier to understand by adding an intuitive colour to each of the 14 therapeutic areas. for instance, red was used for the cardiovascular system whereas blue represented the respiratory system. applying the same color reasoning to galenicum’s packaging would thus enable patients to intuitively identify each medicine.

the same classification system is being used for galenicum’s nutritional supplement brand stop&go, thus creating a consistent imagery within the same business group.

content · website · digital · print materials the quick health guide

the world of health is often very difficult to understand, especially online. nevertheless, understanding illnesses and their treatments has undoubtedly, a decisive influence on how effective the treatment is. to that end, we created the quick health guide with the goal of simplifying health information as much as possible.

with just one click, everyone can access reliable, visual and easy-to-understand information on more than 150 diseases and their treatments along with recommendations for a healthy lifestyle. 450 original graphics have been created in collaboration with the parc sanitari sant joan de déu hospital.

content · poster · print materials

galenicumvitae poster: understand human health at a blink of an eye

content · illustration

eye-catching health content

understanding health is key for a healthy lifestyle. therefore, making health-related content appealing to everyone, including the younger generations, is essential to enhance people’s health and lives. we are creating a number of eye-catching and didactic visuals that are used both on online and offline materials of galenicum.

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galenicum’s key visual: life always finds a way

this visual epitomises galenicum’s brand essence: the power of hope and the spirit of overcoming.

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“living card”: bringing a brochure literally to life

the paper used for this card contains seeds. after some weeks in a recipient with water, flowers grow from the paper, thereby conveying the main values of galenicum: life, hope and spirit of overcoming. this “living card” was used during the pharmaceutical fair cphi 2017 and explained galenicum’s brand essence to customers in a striking way, bringing their brand quite literally, to life.

video · digital · creative & production

christmas greeting video: hope is the most valuable gift

if there is a time of the year when hope is more present than ever, it is christmas. we created and produced this video as a christmas greeting for galenicum’s customers, conveying the message that the most valuable gift you can give away is hope. this provides a strong reminder of galenicum’s brand essence.