Caress Life

galenicumderma: launch of new daily care range & new brand positioning

The dermatological laboratory GalenicumDerma launched Acnium and Rosenium, its first daily care ranges amongst its portfolio, specifically developed for acne and rosacea. The goal of the new ranges is offering a complete solution to patients, ranging from therapeutic care to daily care. As a laboratory mainly focused on prescription drugs, the brand needed a new value proposition that would bring together their existing pharmaceutical portfolio and their growing daily care range, the latter being a market segment fraught with competition and in which the emotional driver is key to connect with patients.

As GalenicumDerma’s strategic communication partner, we have been in charge of the creative direction of the launch and the creation of the company’s new global positioning, as well as of leading all executions.

Caress life: A call to enjoy every second of our lives through our skin

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The skin’s mission is to protect us from the outside world, while allowing us to experience the most extraordinary emotions. A touch, a blink, a breath, a step, a jump, a kiss, a hug… With the skin we caress every moment of our life, although we often do not realize it. Our skin goes unnoticed until we encounter an unexpected inflammation, an unpleasant itch, a sudden reddening or annoying pimples.

Getting into the habit of taking complete care of our skin is the key to alleviating or getting rid of a dermatological pathology. However, since our skin is so closely linked to our appearance and has a direct impact on our relationships with the people around us, the attitude with which we deal with imperfections and dermatological conditions is way more important than we think. Because our beauty is also determined by the way we are.

Enjoyment is not only in your hands, it is also in your cheeks, your arms, your back, your neck, your face… Caress every moment of your life.

Through this manifesto we expressed the cornerstone of the new brand positioning we defined for GalenicumDerma. The concept is being implemented across all brand touchpoints: a new brand video, new packaging design, print ads, online ads and point-of-sale materials for pharmacies among others.

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Caress life is a beautiful evolution of the tagline ‘Believe in life’ we created 10 years ago for the pharmaceutical group Galenicum, but through the lens of the skin.

alex krieger
creative & managing director at krieen

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A new imagery: Capturing intimate, authentic and relatable moments through our skin

“The dermo-cosmetics industry tends to hide skin disease but we wanted to show it because it is part of the everyday life of many of us. Pathologies like psoriasis or rosacea are surrounded by prejudice and by showing them in an optimistic and real environment we want to contribute to normalizing them.

alex krieger
creative & managing director at krieen

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A new e-commerce: High-end design meets beautiful skins

We led the brand’s new e-commerce on a creative level, introducing an interactive UX and combining beautiful, intimate and realistic close-up photographs of skins and patients with a high-end medical design that wants to highlight the brand’s heritage in the pharmaceutical industry and position it in the upper segment of the dermatological and dermo-cosmetic sectors.

“We have been working with Krieen since the very beginning, and once more their team has found a value proposition with a creative potential that will last for years. Right know at GalenicumDerma we find ourselves in a very exciting moment and ‘Caress life’ fully embodies our mission of helping patients enjoy their lives through their skin, be it by healing or relieving their dermatological disease.

ivan pla
ceo at galenicumderma